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now that I'm back in CPH where there is a fabulous booksale, I of course went shopping.

behind the cut: War and Peace in German, another German book about the Holy Joseph, Madsalune by Carit Etlar and Lord of the Rings in a pretty edition from '75 with Tolkien's own paintings as cover illustrations.

war and peace. very pretty. the man on the cover is actually in relief.

what the holy joseph did (that's how i translate the title, anyway...i know it should be 'accomplished' rather than 'did', but i like it this way XD)

it's gold!

i'm a firm believer in book illustrations. it's sad that it isn't done anymore unless it's a children's book. v.v

no, the title doesn't make sense to me either. i've no idea what or who madsalune is. O.o

but HAPPYSIGH at the pretty <3

and then, LOTR!

i retook tthe rest of the lotr pics just now because there's daylight. :D
sunbleached spines


two towers


and again together

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